Video testimonial from Chris Loehmer for Doosan excavators.

John Caravella

Anyone that demolishes structures for a living knows how important it is to have a powerful, comfortable machine at your disposal. That’s why John Caravella – owner of Caravella Demolition LLC – says he loves his Doosan crawler excavator. After a rough time trying to find the right yellow machine, he decided to give Doosan a try. Now he’s a self-proclaimed customer for life.

Video testimonial from Oscar Orduno for Doosan crawler excavators and wheel loaders.

Oscar Orduno

When building retention systems alongside highway expansions and bridge projects, you need hustle. That’s one reason why Oscar Orduno and his business in Irving, TX chose Doosan. Hear how Doosan excavators and loaders save him money and why his crew loves them.

Frank Chandler Sr.

Frank Chandler Jr and Sr

When you’ve been in the lumber business for over five decades like C&C Logging, you come to know what strong equipment looks like. The father and son Chandler team along with their approximately 100 employees count on three Doosan DX225LL-5 log loaders to quickly sort and load harvested timber onto transport trucks.