Doosan excavators stand out on Lauzon Contracting jobsites

David Lauzon

A transition to Doosan equipment means Lauzon Contracting not only finishes excavating jobs on time, they are often ahead of schedule. Working as the team, the Lauzon family – David, Nancy, and Tia Olsen – doesn’t have to worry about their Doosan machines breaking down on the job. With plenty of power and reach, Doosan excavators stand out on Lauzon Contracting jobsites.

Doosan crawler excavator and wheel loader video testimonial from Gary Shepherd

Gary Shepherd

The color of your equipment doesn’t matter very much; however, dealer support is a game-changer. That’s the biggest reason Gary Shepherd of Shepco, Inc. purchased five Doosan crawler excavators and four Doosan wheel loaders. While investing in a relatively new brand of equipment might have seemed like a risk, the decision was easy once he considered long-term reliability and dealer support.

Doosan crawler excavator testimonial from Lane Greco.

Lane Greco

Like many self-made contractors, Lane Greco from Belle Chase, LA relies on his machines and dealer support to take on challenging jobs. But when another brand let him down, he decided to make a switch to a Doosan crawler excavator. Now he’s thrilled to be demolishing structures and clearing away debris from inside the cab of his DX300LC-5.

Video testimonial from Chris Loehmer for Doosan excavators.

John Caravella

Anyone that demolishes structures for a living knows how important it is to have a powerful, comfortable machine at your disposal. That’s why John Caravella – owner of Caravella Demolition LLC – says he loves his Doosan crawler excavator. After a rough time trying to find the right yellow machine, he decided to give Doosan a try. Now he’s a self-proclaimed customer for life.

Video testimonial from Oscar Orduno for Doosan crawler excavators and wheel loaders.

Oscar Orduno

When building retention systems alongside highway expansions and bridge projects, you need hustle. That’s one reason why Oscar Orduno and his business in Irving, TX chose Doosan. Hear how Doosan excavators and loaders save him money and why his crew loves them.