Doosan Telematics

Operational Intelligence For Your Machine

Do you ever wish you had more real-time data about your fleet? Doosan Telematics makes it easy to access an array of machine information from your computer or smartphone. You can monitor:

• Fleet status
• Machine location
• Operating hours
• Fuel usage
• Engine idle verses work time
• Engine error codes
• Engine/hydraulic temperature

With telematics, you’ll gain a better understanding of your equipment and reduce your operating costs. It’s a two-component system that includes machine hardware and a subscription-based online portal. A three-year subscription is standard on all new Doosan machines, including articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders, log loaders, wheel excavators, material handlers and crawler excavator models larger than 10 metric tones.

With the Doosan Telematics, you’ll have the ability to review and assess fuel use and operation data. With it, you’ll be able to make better decisions about how to manage your fleet, which will ultimately increase efficiency and lower operating costs. Monitor fuel efficiency and power mode vs. application to determine if an operator can make adjustments to do the same work with less fuel. See if an operator lets a machine sit idle for long periods of time when it should be turned off and identify machines that are working under or over capacity.

When you review historical usage periods, you can improve job bidding and planning. Understand how many hours were put on a machine or how much fuel was used for a similar job in the past. Reduce machine downtime by monitoring fault and warning codes, and monitor and review maintenance schedules and history.

Doosan Telematics empowers owners and operators with these features and benefits:
• Track physical machine location
• Monitor machine operating hours to know when your equipment is at work
• Monitor fuel usage
• Monitor engine idle time vs. work time (RPM)
• Reduce machine downtime by monitoring fault and warning codes
• Track engine / hydraulic oil temperature
• Know when machines enter or exit specific boundaries and when they’re operated with Geo Fence / Time Fence (coming late 2014)
• Receive machine status email or text message notifications (coming late 2014)

How It Works

Machine Components
Doosan Telematics utilizes a hardware terminal that is installed on all Doosan machines (with the exception of DX63-3 and DX85R-3 excavators) to gather and communicate machine data wirelessly via cellular or satellite service. The machine information is then sent to the Core TMS website, which allows owners, operators, dealers and Doosan staff to monitor all aspects of the machine’s performance on any desktop computer.

Reporting Technologies
With Doosan Telematics, it is now possible to track and monitor the total fleet of Doosan construction equipment in order to provide advanced data reporting and analytics capabilities. Satellite communication antennas make it possible to stay connected even if wireless service is not available (the system will automatically switch to satellite communication when cellular signal is unavailable).

Reporting Frequency
If a machine has cellular service:
• After running for five minutes, it will report, and continue to report, each hour it is running.
• It will report nightly, through satellite connection, if it is outside of cellular coverage and has been run for five minutes within the past three days. Once the machine is off for three days, it will stop reporting until it is run again for five minutes.

Doosan Telematics makes machine information easily accessible through the Doosan CoreTMS website. Simply log on to the CoreTMS web portal to quickly view machine information from anywhere.

By providing full visibility to all machine details through one website – CoreTMS – Doosan Telematics makes fleet management easier and more efficient.

Track the physical location of all your machines to ensure your equipment is where it’s supposed to be. Monitor fuel levels for each machine, minimizing trips for refueling and eliminating the need to physically visit each machine to check fuel levels.

With Geo Fence and Time Fence features, you’ll gain visibility into machine location to monitor unscheduled use and track machines in the event of theft. (Available in late 2014.) With Geo Fence, users can set virtual GPS boundaries for their shop or work site. If a machine moves outside the boundary, the user is notified via email or an SMS text notification. You can even put a curfew on each machine and receive an alert if equipment is operated outside of the specified timeframe for working hours.

Receive automatic terminal software updates wirelessly without needing to connect an external device. Updates will occur automatically as additional functionality is developed by Doosan. Stay connected, even if wireless service is not available, via satellite and cellular communication antennas. If cellular service is not available, the machine will automatically switch to satellite communication.


Q. What’s the difference between Doosan GPS and Doosan Telematics?
A. Doosan Telematics is a new system that not only replaces the Doosan GPS Program, but significantly improves upon it.

Q. Is Doosan Telematics available as an aftermarket upgrade for machines that did not include this functionality as a standard feature?
A. Yes. The aftermarket offering, available in August 2014, also includes replacement parts and new installation kits for Tier 3 and newer machines that need to be updated with new Telematics hardware.

Doosan machines that were equipped with the “Track Pak” terminal (2008 through June 30, 2014) came with one year of pre-paid wireless service. Wireless service extensions for these terminals will be offered through our dealerships. Information from these machines can also be found on the new Core TMS website.

Q. Which machines are compatible with Doosan Telematics?
A. Doosan Telematics is included as a standard feature on all Doosan machines, with the exception of the DX63-3 and DX85R-3 excavators.

Q. What’s the difference between Doosan Telematics and CoreTMS?
A. Doosan Telematics is our service that enables machine data to be gathered and viewed via most web-connected devices. CoreTMS refers specifically to the website that serves as a portal for viewing and accessing machine data.