Doosan's GPS Program

Doosan's GPS is a Total Fleet Management System that will lower your operating costs Doosan's GPS provides three-tier protection:

  • You are the first line of defense by monitoring your own GPS equipped fleet.
  • Your trusted dealer provides the second line of defense by monitoring your machine and assisting with any needs you may have.
  • Doosan provides the last line of defense by monitoring all GPS equipped machines on a daily basis.

All three tiers have access to the information through any Internet capable device (computer, cell phone or PDA).

Features and Benefits

Doosan GPS is an Internet based fleet management system that receives periodic messages via satellite wireless networks from the TrakPak. TrakPak provides the communications link to your equipment and it can monitor:

  • Location, displayed on a street map
  • Engine hours and engine start count
  • Work hours
  • Fuel consumption
  • Preventive maintenance schedule due
  • Productivity
  • Engine fault codes
  • Daily equipment start and stop times
  • Non-utilization alerts
  • Geo-fence and unauthorized use alerts
  • Operator and job accounting data
  • Your whole fleet can be monitored from one web site
  • And it can calculate life cycle costs

Doosan's GPS program provides full protection for your valuable fleet.

Does Your Equipment Tell You . . .

  • Where it is?
  • When it is due for maintenance?
  • When the oil pressure is low?
  • When it is being moved?
  • If it is productive?
  • Fuel efficiency?

If you need to know the answers to not only these questions but many more, Doosan has the solution.